Change Management
Industrial/Organizational Consultation

Dr. Harness has worked successfully with organizations in a consultative role since 1995. With a focus on creating psychologically sound and fiscally profitable work environments, her industrial consultation efforts span a variety of activities. Often she is asked to assist in realigning employee and management expectations as the result of change which may include: mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, internal process realignments, or market changes.

Whether in response to change or due to a current ineffective work atmosphere, Dr. Harness creates strategies to minimize individual and interpersonal stress, which can lead to increased job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall productivity.

Dr. Harness also works with employment law attorneys to mitigate potential adverse workplace, or other, legal issues within their clients organizations.

"Christine Harness is an excellent corporate coach, helping her clients move toward sustainable, professional goals. She has particular talent in discerning individuals' specific growth opportunities, and is skilled at encouraging people to take the initiative in their development. She quickly gains the trust of both the employee and management, and is transparent and honest in her communication to both. She is also highly skilled in determining areas of limitation and will candidly help the employee ascertain realistic assessments of themselves and their potential.

She uses the same techniques in her programs. Christine successfully orchestrated our entire department's transition to a new structure with minimal disruption of productivity. Her change management program supports teams and individuals as they move through the cumbersome and often difficult maze of emotional readiness to accept change. She guides employees through sustained periods of uncertainty by helping them reframe the situation, embrace new processes and become comfortable with the ambiguity that is characteristic of significant change. Her thorough understanding of the dynamics of change and human behavior was invaluable. As such, I would not hesitate to recommend Christine for any of your human capital needs."

~Beth Kavelaris, Senior Vice President, Director of Culture & Integration, Robert W. Baird & Co.